Monday, February 24, 2014

Adobo Damaso by Crisostomo Restaurant: A Turn of the Century Filipino Food

Crisostomo Restaurant dubs itself as a “Turn of a Century Filipino Dining.” This is definitely true with their concept of fusing old and new—not just through their food but also with the restaurant’s interiors.

Crisostomo Restaurant | Alabang Town Center
Photo by Aki Libo-on
Embracing Moderns Times with a Nod to Heritage

I visited Crisostomo Restaurant’s branch at Alabang Town Center, and I find their place very quaint. What makes its interiors very Filipino are the wooden accents, the paintings on the wall, the floor and the wooden veranda-like structure in front of the restaurant.

Crisostomo Restaurant | Alabang Town Center
Photo by Aki Libo-on
Meanwhile, the wall’s sky blue paint color, as well as the chairs, reminds me of a French café. Another cool thing about this place is that the items on their menu are named after the famous characters from Dr. Jose Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo.

A Taste of Adobo Damaso

For the first-timers, must-try dishes at Crisostomo are labeled with a star. This includes their Adobo Damaso, which is basically Chicken and Pork Adobo. The twist here, though, is that it was cooked twice and toped with Adobo flakes and Kesong Puti.

What I love most about this dish is that the meat is very tender. You can easily shred the chicken and pork using your fork, and it is very easy to chew although it’s not the type that melts in your mouth.

Adobo Damaso - PHP 325.00
Photo by Aki Libo-on
But I guess what makes it special is neither the Kesong Puti nor the meat but its sauce. The Adobo Damaso has that distinct taste that Filipinos love. Instead of using soy sauce as base, they used sarsa with a kick of vinegar to come up with that tamis-asim flavor we know. And I must say, one bite of this dish and you’ll be asking for a cup of rice immediately.

Good thing, you can share this dish with your friend or family—all for PHP 325.00. Not bad for a well-loved Filipino dish with a twist.

Crisostomo Restaurant
(02) 869 0988
Alabang Town Center
Ground Floor, The Gardens
Alabang, Muntinlupa
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  1. Adobo! :) I haven't heard this restaurant before but reading your post about them makes me want to dine there. I like how they present the adobo. I'm curious about how it taste with a cheese. I've tried adobo with laurel/bay leaves before and it's also deli. I hope I can drop by at Crisostomo next month.

    1. Hi Shekina! You really should find the time to visit Crisostomo and try their Adobo Damaso. I swear, you're going to love it. :D