Friday, January 10, 2014

So You Want to Start a Food Blog?

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Before we begin, let me remind you that I’m not really a pro when it comes to blogging. In fact, I underwent a couple of struggles when I decided to start Lost in Flavors. Because of this, I thought of sharing the things I’ve learned and I will learn about food blogging through this series.

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How to Begin: Take Away the Greed

There are two things that you need to know when starting a food blog. First, you have to bear in mind that food blogging—or any type of blogging—is not a money-making machine. There are the perks like being invited to dine in a fine restaurant for free, alright, but that’s it. And no, food blogging doesn't give you the right to ask for freebies.

While you can make this your stepping stone towards a career you would like to have, such as writing a cook book or hosting your cooking show, food blogging must NOT replace your regular day job. After all, writing about food could be very expensive.

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If you’re like me who plans to visit the good and not-so-good restaurants around the Metro to test their menu, then you need to allot a budget for your food trip. On the other hand, you also need to shell out some cash for your ingredients if you intend to become the recipe maker type of blogger.

Unless you can find a steady stream of income that could help support your food blog and everything that comes with it, you shouldn’t quit your job. Moreover, you shouldn’t think that food blogging is the ultimate way to earn an income.

Why Do You Want to Blog?

Second thing you need to do is point out the purpose why you’re blogging. Sure, the ultimate reason why one starts a food blog is because of his or her love for food. But there are reasons people love eating or cooking.

Take Mhel and Ken Ignacio of Certified Foodies for instance. They started a food blog to share their food discoveries and dining experiences. It was also their way to challenge themselves and learn more about food and cooking.

My personal hero, Smarla Angtuaco, started Everyday Sweet Notes to document where she and her boyfriend spent their monthsaries. Perhaps it is her way of helping other couples out there to find the good places where they can spend their special moments.

Another favorite food blogger of mine is Brian Sioson of Flavors of Manila. Aside from making his blog into an alphabetized guide to Metro Manila dining, it also chronicles the diversity of cuisines the city has to offer.

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Knowing the purpose of your blog is simply answering the question: Why are you blogging?

As for me, I started Lost in Flavors because I would like to chronicle my gastronomic adventure, as well as inspire people to love food—be it through visiting one restaurant to another or through cooking. Why I've decided and learned to love food is another story. Additionally, I want to break some people's notion about fancy looking restaurants. I want them to learn through this blog that not every restaurant that looks classy or sosyal is expensive.

It is important to know your blog’s purpose because this will help you determine how you’re going to write and present your content. This will help you discern whether you’ll be writing a food review, restaurant review, recipe and cooking tips, share upcoming food events or a combination of them. Simply put, knowing your food blog’s purpose will aid you in planning how to start your site, generate content, optimize it, as well as monetize from your food blog.


  1. Nice tips for those bloggers who want to put up a food blog. For me, number one food blog is the Awesome Planet of Anton Diaz.

    1. I agree with you on that, William. "Our Awesome Planet" was able to feature a lot of things regarding food. But more than that, they cover food events that promote not just Filipino food, but also foreign cuisine.

  2. How do you actually monetize a food blog? I write about reviews of restaurants I visit but don't take money from doing it.

    1. Ah, the short answer to that is by putting ads on your food blog. There are also other ways to monetize your food blog or any other blog, like affiliate marketing, but talking about the whole process here could be daunting. I hope I could tackle this on my next post.

  3. make me crave for almost all of this!! yummy!

  4. Oh M G. You know I've been blogging about food for almost 1 year. and it is my first time to know about the popular foodie you know. Their site are really good. :)

  5. This is a wonderful article about food blogging, very smart advice, too!

  6. I guess it all boils down to why do you blog in general - for money or hobby? For me, I have a food blog simply because I want to share my food experiences. Period. :)

  7. Thank you for sharing insights because I am planning to write my own food blog in a couple of months and your article is very encouraging.