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The Right Name for Your Food Blog

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Before thinking of what blogging platform to use or how your site will look like, you need to give it a name first. Deciding on what to call your food blog could make you feel torn you between making it creative or SEO-friendly. In my opinion, it should be witty, unique and easy to remember since there are thousands of food blogs out there. The Search Engine Optimization could come in later through your content.

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In addition, your chosen name must reflect who you are or what your food blog is all about. Take Richie Zamora’s food blog for example. He called it The Pickiest Eater because he is indeed a picky eater. But it’s due to his hyper acidity. Still, he managed to have a food blog that’s been running for years.

Another example is Richard Co’s Tales from the Tummy. The name itself tells you that what you’ll read on his blog are all about the things that made his tummy happy or upset.

As for me, I used the name Lost in Flavors because I want my food blog to be all about local and foreign cuisines. And just like when you’re in another country, enjoying various dishes could make you feel lost in translation.

The Name Game

There are a couple of things you need to do and consider when picking a name for your food blog. First, your blog name must be unique and original. It means that you should be the only one who owns that domain name, as well as it is not to be confused with other URL like vs

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List down a couple of possible domain name for your food blog, and punch them on Google to know whether you’re snatching someone’s name or not.

Another thing to consider when starting a food blog is the length of your blog’s name. It is usually advised to choose a name that only consists of three words or less, although I see blog names made of four words—just like Tales from the Tummy—and their doing okay.

But that doesn’t mean that a URL like will do. A name that is too lengthy will be difficult to remember and your visitor might end up dosing off before hitting the Enter button after typing the entire site name. You also need to stay away from hyphen because your readers are less likely to include that when they’re typing on the address bar. And unless you own Tumblr or Flickr, do not use misspelled domain names, as it could mess up with your SEO efforts.

URL and Blog Header
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You also have to make sure that your URL matches your header. That’s because the header is the first thing that your readers will notice and remember. This means that they will base your food blog’s URL by what they can recall from you header.

And just like what was mentioned previously, it must represent you or what your food blog is all about. Sure, a food blog is all about food, but you have to craft a unique concept or content in order to stand up from the rest. After all, a blog—regardless of its type—must have a purpose.

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